Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs (MAWE) a front-runner in the field of NGO’s run by Women Entrepreneurs was founded on 8th March 2000 (previously as Mahakaushal Association of Women Entrepreneurs). It is registered under the Madhya-Pradesh Firm’s Society Registration Act 1973. It was observed that Central India was totally devoid of any active platform for encouraging and establishing women entrepreneurs. However women in large numbers were employed in income generating activities in an unorganized sector, which was impeding their development.


Mrs. Archana Bhatnagar the Founder President took up the challenge of conceptualizing an association for women entrepreneurs and formed MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs). An activity hither to reserve only for the Metros found ground in Mahakaushal region and 11 years down the line MAWE is a flourishing well-established NGO with over 450 members. MAWE has been working to encourage women and girls for being self-employed through entrepreneurship. We also play a pivotal role in helping existing women entrepreneurs establish their business better.