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Challenges of Entrepreneurship to Women

Women entrepreneurs lack the knowledge of establishing and running a business and are unable to prioritise their business over their domestic workload.

Thus, Women Entrepreneurs are unable to give their best to their businesses.


For MAWE, the world would be a better place if women had equal opportunities for economic growth. MAWE thus works towards reducing the gender gap in the field of entrepreneurship and business.

What MAWE Offers

Access to Markets

Through Marketing Incubator and participation in Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Capacity Building

Through Individual mentoring and hand-holding to achieve business goals

Knowledge Support

Through sessions on financial schemes and participation in national and international conferences

Networking Opportinities

With other women entrepreneurs and SMEs to identify potential buyers and seek bilateral trade.

Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs (MAWE) believes that a little above the bottom of the pyramid, lies a huge section of the educated but unemployed women, who lack the knowledge of establishing and running a business and are unable to prioritise their business over their domestic workload and family restrictions. Women get stuck at a certain size of a company due to lack of visibility, access to networks and role models. However, these women have the potential to pay a major role in the nation’s economy. 

MAWE began with the approach of providing direct services, ranging from access to markets through participation at trade fairs, to guiding MSME women entrepreneurs with registering with govt schemes like Udyog Aadhar. These women-centric services offer immediate solutions to the challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs. MAWE believes that such approaches have the potential to help the woman entrepreneur avail the best of offerings and grow her business.
Yet another audience that MAWE works with, are housewives and women with ideas and aspirations, to motivate and support them with setting up their business. This involves providing them with attractions and incentives to get them out of their homes and engage with the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs at MAWE. Along with its shopping experience, MAWE Hub, the marketing incubator, is home to a small library and regular events.
With time, MAWE, under the leadership of its Founder President began advocating to governments or businesses to change their policies to include gender-responsive procurement and a diverse supply base. For example, MAWE’s representations to Ministry of MSME, Govt of India & President Archana Bhatnagar’s voice, funnelled by the ITC Commitment for Call to Action at the Trailblazer Summit Brazil has been instrumental in the recent adoption of the truly groundbreaking initiative of the Govt of India to reserve a 3% quota of procurement by all Government departments in India, from MSME Women Entrepreneurs. 
MAWE has now expanded from its home state of Madhya Pradesh and has members from across the country. Its members include women entrepreneurs from different sectors like apparels, accessories, cosmetics, handicrafts, agriculture produce, food products, spices, pharmaceuticals, IT services and other. Moreover, it works along with other Women Entrepreneur Associations, International Agencies, Govt Bodies and self-help groups to tackle the problems of women entrepreneurship and to develop practices, events and strategies to solve it.

President’s Note

The economic growth of women or 50% of the workforce, leads to the financial growth of the family and has a multiplier effect on the economy. MAWE works towards the economic and intellectual empowerment of the woman and we believe that through the woman, the same will be reflected in her children and thus, in society. Moreover, we have observed that women entrepreneurs in traditional trade employ more women thus leading to the economic empowerment of low-income families as well.
I have seen myself evolve in my journey of an entrepreneur and have availed the benefits & faced the challenges of being a woman entrepreneur. Now, I wish to give back to society by guiding other women through my experience and helping create a better ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Ms Archana Bhatnagar
Managing Director, Haylide Chemicals

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